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Leadership Development Program

The Leadership Development Program (LDP) is designed to recruit recent MBA graduates to develop high-potential leaders with diverse backgrounds who can lead our organization through the challenges of the coming years. LDP participants complete rotations in different areas of the company and complete the program well-equipped to enter permanent leadership roles. The program accelerates participants’ professional development through expanding internal networks, addressing key challenges facing the company, and encouraging strategic thinking. Participants leverage their rotation experiences and leadership abilities to create lasting impact.

As an LDP participant, you’ll begin with a four-week induction during which you will be exposed to all aspects of National Grid’s business including travelling throughout our service territory. Following induction, you will complete 3-5 rotations that are ~6 months each in different areas of the company. After rotations, you’ll ’graduate’ the program well-equipped to enter permanent leadership roles in direct management, program management, and/or strategy development based on your interests and the organization’s needs.

These positions may be in our Waltham, Syracuse, or Brooklyn offices, depending on your preference. You will play a significant role in tailoring rotation opportunities to both your individual interests and key business needs.


At National Grid, we are committed to offering a comprehensive benefits program that supports the health & wellbeing of our employees. Our benefits are competitive and innovative, providing choice, flexibility, and balance to employees in all stages of work and life. Benefits of interest include:

  • Student Loan Repayment

  • Tuition reimbursement

  • 3 Weeks Paid

  • 401(K) Plan

  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan

  • Fitness Reimbursement

  • Volunteer Opportunities/ Employee Giving

  • 4 – Week

  • Site Visits

  • Mentorship

  • Employee Resource Groups

  • Executive Exposure

Selection Timeline

As the goal of the Leadership Development Program is to hire high potential talent, our selection process is more in-depth than that for a traditional full-time role at National Grid. You can expect the following:

  • Early September - Mid October

    Online Application

  • October

    Phone interviews occur with Talent Acquisition

  • Late October

    In Person interview invitations sent

  • November

    In Person Interview Process with individual & group components
    Offers made

  • January

    Offer decision deadline

  • July

    Induction begins



Why did you choose the Leadership Development Program at National Grid?

I was making the transition from technology to energy and I wanted a holistic experience that exposed me to many aspects of the larger sector. At National Grid, we have to keep a pulse on everything from the newest policy pushes, to generation- renewables and otherwise, and maintain a strategy that facilitates the integration and execution of all of it.

What has been the most valuable part of your experience in LDP?

As LDPs, we are given an incredible amount of responsibility and trust. We are brought into high-impact projects and asked to help shape the approach and outcome. That trust and the support from fellow LDPs, the program, and our executives makes this experience unique and empowering.

What has surprised you most about National Grid?

The true breadth of experiences available. Everyone is starting to find their niche and there are so many disciplines and perspectives to explore. I’ve had four roles all in different content areas, across three parts of the business, each perspective unique and valuable.

What advice would you give someone interested in LDP?

Come in with a passion to learn and ready to drive change. There is a lot of institutional knowledge/expertise to soak in, so take advantage of that. This is also an industry that needs thought leaders and people willing to challenge popular opinion, so be ready to speak up and be resilient with your convictions.

What do you hope to accomplish in your role at National Grid?

I’m most interested in the high-level strategy that will sustain the company through the industry changes and make us agile enough to adapt when optimal. My goal is to learn as much as possible, gain that holistic perspective, and contribute to that transformation.

What excites you most about working in the energy industry?

This is a pivotal moment for the energy industry and being a part of shaping it is a rare and thrilling opportunity. It’s moments like this that leaders rise, and I intend on being one of them.


Why did you choose the Leadership Development Program at National Grid?

I chose LDP at National Grid because I wanted to learn more about the various ways the company is approaching innovation while also delivering on its core promises of providing safe and reliable energy. I’m passionate about climate change and feel that National Grid is truly committed to making a positive impact while also delivering upon one of the most critical roles in our society today.

What has been the most valuable part of your experience in LDP?

The most valuable part of my experience in LDP is the relationships I’ve built across the company. I feel as though I’m not only learning how the company works, but also feeling grateful to have a support network wherever I go. Now more than ever, as we manage our organization through a crisis like COVID, having and providing support for colleagues has made this experience all the more and successful and meaningful.

What has surprised you most about National Grid?

What has surprised me most about National Grid is the vast interconnectedness across our company. The organization is quite large—upwards of 20,000 employees across two countries and several states—and yet, I find this interdisciplinary style wherever I go. Whether it’s reaching out to another team for their opinion or insight, or collaborating to find solutions to complex problems, I have been surprised by—and very appreciate of—the cross-functional nature of so many efforts here. It’s been a great way to get to know other people, encourage diversity of thought, and solve truly complex problems on the front lines of energy transformation.

What advice would you give someone interested in LDP?

Advice I’d give to a prospective LDP is that a program like this opens many doors—so many so that it might get hard to choose where to go! Because of this, I find it’s helpful to identify a mission or purpose to have in mind to help provide direction. For me, that’s climate change—searching for roles that help move the needle on the climate helps give me some guidance and feel like I’m building upon my work over time. Purpose is different for everyone and can certainly change—but can be an effective tool in steering your career when faced with many paths.

What do you hope to accomplish in your role at National Grid?

I hope to drive real, measurable change in how we contribute to the climate movement through our investments, relationships with our regulators, connections with other utilities, and more. National Grid is well-positioned to drive change, and I hope to support the effort of acting on that position. I also hope to make lasting friendships and grow as a friend, mentor, and colleague to those around me.

What excites you most about working in the energy industry?

I’d argue that climate change is the most vast, pressing, and complex threat to living beings on this planet—and since the energy sector is responsible for about 72% of global manmade greenhouse gas emissions (31% of which derive from electricity and heat production)—the energy sector is a great place to be to drive change. It’s also a great place to experience incredible transformations in technology, from internet-of-things to innovative renewables, it really is an exciting place to be!


Why did you choose the Leadership Development Program at National Grid?

LDP gives MBA graduates the opportunity to deep dive into National Grid’s value streams and speed network across the organization through rotations. Gaining a breadth of experience across the organization as well as exposure to leadership sets LDPs up for success as they exit the program to full-time roles.

What has been the most valuable part of your experience in LDP?

Our cohort. By sharing our rotation experiences with each other, we gain broader insight across the business, allowing us to connect the dots on our projects, encourage collaborating amongst groups, and identify opportunities for improvement. Moreover, LDP members support each other – providing contacts, guidance, and bandwidth – when a fellow LDP is in need. Those feelings of connectedness and camaraderie have proven invaluable throughout my rotations and enable the cohort to be successful.

What has surprised you most about National Grid?

I knew National Grid, as a company, was committed to reducing carbon emissions. However, it wasn’t until I started working here that I realized how much individual employees cared. Employees across the organization are passionate about developing forward-thinking solutions, from policy and alternative fuels to operational efficiency, that reduce carbon emissions while maintaining low customer rates.

What advice would you give someone interested in LDP?

Your newly minted degrees open doors. Put in the time and effort to figure out which companies and roles are a good fit for you. Ask yourself what you’re looking for in terms of culture, career progression, and content. Reach out to current employees and LDP members. Get to know National Grid.

What do you hope to accomplish in your role at National Grid?

The big question: “How do we enable the transition to cleaner fuels while ensuring customers have access to safe, reliable, and affordable energy?” I hope to help National Grid successfully address this question.

What excites you most about working in the energy industry?

Energy is a critical part of our lives, and the industry is in the midst of a transition. I’m excited to be in the middle of it—exploring ways we can enable growth of clean fuels (e.g. solar, hydrogen) and deliver a better experience to millions of customers.