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Senior Quantitative Analyst, Advanced Analytics Apply Now


Job Purpose:

To conduct complex quantitative analyses and develop sophisticated advanced quantitative models to support the Advanced Data & Analytics Team in helping the company achieve its regulatory, financial, operational and growth goals.

Key Accountabilities:

  • Employees are expected to deliver on the key accountabilities list above as well as those listed below.
  • Contributing to the establishment of a “Center of Excellence” in the firm for the development of advanced quantitative analytics, modeling and analysis for addressing and solving a wide range of problems across the business.
  • Develop, maintain and enhance all gas and electricity usage, load and customer growth forecasting using any and all appropriate modeling technologies and training the relevant teams on model usage and results interpretation.
  • Develop quantitative methods, analyses and tools that support senior management in enhancing customer engagement and focusing marketing campaigns, understanding the impact of brand perceptions, customer needs, market penetration, competitors, complex deal structures, hedging plans, asset optimization and market changes on the gas & electric portfolios.
  • Produce high level and detailed models, such as simulation/optimization models, and commodity, asset and market quantitative models, and other advanced analytical systems in order to support senior management in designing solutions and defining strategies relevant to support our Advanced Analytics efforts.
  • Analyze key themes from a wide range of internal and external data sources, including the use of modeling tools, and select relevant information in order to identify how key themes and market trends may impact the business.
  • Translate functional policy into processes and procedures that drive greater efficiencies for National Grid and ensure compliance with regulations relevant to existing gas and electricity portfolios and proposed transactions.
  • Promote and implement procedural best practices in order to ensure all working practice (and where relevant, health and safety standards) are compliant with National Grid policies and regulatory requirements.
  • Monitor and control work undertaken by team, maintaining progress and forecasting in order to ensure projects are delivered according to schedule and within budget.
  • Develop and maintain effective relationships with key stakeholders in order to share technical advice, best practices and to understand and challenge business decisions when appropriate. 


Knowledge & Experience Requirements:

·Master's or PhD Degree required in Engineering, Mathematics, Applied Computer Science, Applied Management Science or Operations Research plus experience in advanced quantitative analysis and modeling. Additional expertise in relational databases, stored procedures, SQL, Non-SQL database systems and state-of-the-art programming languages. Strong experience with “big data” and “big analytics” efforts and cloud-based high-performance computing.

·Exceptionally strong advanced analytical, problem engineering and problem solving capabilities as well as the ability to design, create and work with highly advanced and sophisticated computer models and tools in any/all of the following areas:

oModeling: of time series, assets(contracts, physical entities), networks (power, gas) and business processes and strategies using many different modeling methodologies, e.g. theoretical/empirical, deterministic/stochastic, fitted/self-adaptive and multi-scale/hierarchical,

oSimulation: of high-dimensional stochastic time series, sequenced events and constrained network flow, massive agent-based simulation

oOptimization: all types (linear, integer, quadratic, nonlinear, combinatorial, etc.) with particular emphasis on extremely large, multi-level, multi-stage, multi-objective stochastic problems,

oData Mining & Analysis: supervised learning and unsupervised learning methodologies,

oGeospatial Modeling & Analysis: statistical, structural, relational, etc.

oImage, Remote Sensing & Signal Processing: Visual, LiDAR, Hyperspectral, IR, Signal Decomposition

oArtificial Intelligence: Deep Learning, Expert Systems, Natural Language Processing, Process Automation

oAll Classes of Analytics: Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, Prescriptive & Cognitive

·Demonstrated ability to bring creative and innovative economic analytical, modeling and risk analysis approaches to the    business.

·Demonstrated ability to effectively manage and ensure timely delivery of highly technical and complex projects.

·Strong personal and interpersonal skills as listed below:

    • Highly motivated, exhibiting an exceptional work ethic and have the ability to work effectively independently, as part of a team and as a leader of a team,
    • Very good communication skills in order to coordinate their effort with other members of the team and to provide management with concise, well supported recommendations on important projects,
    • Able to see multiple relationships between different sources of data, identifying several likely causes or consequences of a situation,
    • Willing to challenge existing ways of working and continuously seek ways to do things better in order to drive greater accuracies, efficiencies and effectiveness,
    • Identifies several likely causes or consequences of a situation, bringing creative problem solving and innovative operational approaches to the business,
    • Consorts with multiple stakeholders, asking probing questions and challenging initial responses from different sources,
    • Establishes a high level of confidence with various management personnel and external contacts by adapting approach and considering what is important to the audience, tailoring style accordingly,
    • Actively builds and maintains a network of relationships, outside normal business contacts,
    • Promotes team effectiveness by soliciting input from team members, communicating expectations of the team and delegating responsibilities while providing support and structure

This position is one of National Grid’s career path roles which provide for promotional opportunities within and across salary bands as you develop and evolve in the position by gaining experience, expertise and acquiring and applying technical skills.

National Grid is an equal opportunity employer thatvaluesa broad diversity of talent, knowledge, experience and expertise.We foster a culture ofinclusion that drives employee engagement to deliver superior performance to the communities we serve.National Grid is proud to bean affirmative action employer. We encourage minorities, women, individuals with disabilities and protected veterans to join the National Grid team.


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:Mar 1, 2018, 6:24:58 PM

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National Grid is an equal opportunity employer that values a broad diversity of talent, knowledge, experience and expertise. We foster a culture of inclusion that drives employee engagement to deliver superior performance to the communities we serve. National Grid is proud to be an affirmative action employer. We encourage minorities, women, individuals with disabilities and protected veterans to join the National Grid team.

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