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At National Grid, we value every walk of life. We work hard to create a work environment where everyone has the chance to voice their opinions because we know that having different perspectives makes us stronger. It’s how we constantly and continuously push innovation and strive to create a better future for everyone. So it’s essential that we build an inclusive and diverse workforce.

How will we do this?

  • Building on our success: We want to let everyone know they are welcome by showing how diverse our workforce already is.
  • Attracting diverse talent: We are dedicated to finding innovative ways to source and attract talent that genuinely reflects the communities we serve.
  • Offering equal opportunities: We are committed to providing the same opportunities for development and progression for everybody who works with us.
  • Ensuring inclusive leadership: Our leadership style is inspiring and inclusive, helping everyone who works with us to realize their full potential.
John Pettigrew CEO, National Grid

I fundamentally believe that it's our people that make National Grid such a great place to work, and ensuring that we create the right environment to allow everyone to be themselves and to thrive is essential.

John Pettigrew, CEO, National Grid

Our workforce

With over 22,000 employees globally, we’re incredibly proud of the diverse workforce we’ve built. Below are a few highlights of our committment because we truly believe that we couldn’t do the amazing things we do without our people.

  • 25

    percent of our global workforce that is female

  • 24

    percent of hires were of ethnic minority

  • 38

    percent of our board are women

  • 32

    percent of hires were women

  • 18

    percent of our workforce are ethnic minorities

  • 33

    percent of our leadership are female

Employee Resource Groups

Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) help build awareness and understanding of inclusion and diversity so that everyone can be their true self and reach their full potential. Each ERG is run by a committee of colleagues who volunteer from across the company.

asian woman

Asian Leadership Association

Our vision is to provide a forum for Asian colleagues to develop the skills necessary for leadership, career, fulfillment, personal growth and cultural awareness. We are a resource to help fellow colleagues understand the needs and diversity of the Asian community

woman holding tablet in her arm

Women in Networks

Our vision is to help make National Grid a place where women excel professionally and personally. Our events and activities provide an environment to foster awareness, insight, and information for women at National Grid, enabling personal and professional development.

Veterans Employee Resource Group (VERG)

Veterans Employee Resource Group (VERG)

Our vision is to promote diversity and inclusion by providing opportunities for growth and professional development of Military Veterans within National Grid. We also provide overarching support to charitable organizations within our local jurisdictions. The group ads value to the company, our members and the communities they serve.

Alliance of Black Professionals

Alliance of Black Professionals

The purpose of our Alliance of Black Professionals (ABP) network, is to increase career progression and create a community that attracts, supports, empowers and retains Black talent. We provide professional development, cultural experiences, and career networking opportunities that promote inclusion. The network will also support the economic development of the communities we serve.

Native American Indian

Native American Indian

Our goal is to share our traditional values with colleagues across the organization. The group will share knowledge and build cultural awareness through community engagement and social events. As a result, we hope to foster an inclusive work environment ringing more diversity to our leadership teams, with a particular focus on Native American Indian (NAI) career progression.

Global Pride

Global Pride

Pride, our LGBTQ+ network, is an ERG that supports LGBTQ+ colleagues, allies, friends and family. Collectively, we share our experience, embrace our differences and celebrate the value that diversity brings to National Grid. We are a resource to the business to offer support, educate and to celebrate our LGBTQ+ talents.
Watch Pride Day Video

Hispanic Professional Association

Hispanic Professional Association

The Hispanic Professional Association (HPA), is an ERG dedicated to developing leaders. We support National Grid’s inclusion and diversity efforts and help recruit and retain Latino identified talent. We promote and celebrate Latino cultural diversity. Our programs are employee focused, practical and relevant. The HPA is a networking vehicle with members representing many cultures and backgrounds.

Work & Life Matters

Work & Life Matters

The Work & Life Matters (WLM) employee resource group aims to help colleagues manage change and bring their whole selves to work while balancing work and life goals. We encourage colleagues to share ideas around striking the right balance to live our lives in healthy, productive ways. Our vision is to creative a company culture that supports work-life balance.

Women in Non-Traditional Roles (WiNTR)

Women in Non-Traditional Roles (WiNTR)

Women in Non-Traditional Roles (WiNTR) is an ERG which aims to engage, support, and advocate for women who hold non-traditional roles within National Grid, and to increase awareness and attract more women to these roles. WiNTR’s goal is to strengthen and empower colleagues to capture the career of their choosing. We believe that character and skill, not gender, should be the driving force for career advancement.



NewNet works to enhance colleagues business awareness, broaden their network of contacts and provide opportunities to get involved in activities outside of your network.

Enabling Disability Confidence

Enabling Disability Confidence

Our vision is to foster a more inclusive workplace in which the full abilities of all colleagues are unleashed and where applicants with disabilities and caregivers are supported.

Veterans employment & empowerment

From the front lines to the power lines, recruiting veterans is the right thing to do and it's a smart business decision, for our company, our industry, and our nation. A skilled energy workforce is critical to our success, and we know military service has given veterans the training, experience, discipline, and leadership skills we need to help us succeed.

National Grid partnered with the Center for Energy Workforce Development and other utilities across the country to help create the Troops to Energy Jobs (T2E) initiative. As a result, we’ve increased our veteran hires from just over 100 in 2013 to 435 today. We use the T2E website to successfully match veterans and service members’ skill sets to positions within the industry, ranging from field operations, engineers, and analysts to the executive boardroom.

Troups to Energy Jobs - Connecting Veterans to Rewarding Energy Careers

The Veteran to Veteran (V2V) “buddy system” is an optional program that provides new veteran hires with resources and support to successfully transition from the military to National Grid. This program is supported by the Veteran Employee Resource Group (VERG). Each new hire is assigned a “buddy” in their work location who has a similar background, and who can offer ongoing advice and guidance as new veteran employees settle into their jobs. Buddies also provide information and resources on our corporate culture (including leadership qualities and Line of Sight), as well as guidelines for ethical behavior, inside the company and out.

Nearly 400 members strong, VERG's mission is to foster an inclusive environment that promotes personal and professional development opportunities for military veterans. We work closely with HR to strengthen veteran employment opportunities through targeted recruiting and supportive onboarding and are actively involved in veteran hiring events.

VERG has a strong community presence, with members participating in charitable activities ranging from Habitat to Humanity house builds and veteran stand downs, to Welcome Home Wounded Warrior events and volunteering at the VA hospital. Recently, VERG was the recipient of the 2017 Chairman’s Awards in Exceeding for Our Communities, the highest National Grid Award for going above and beyond.

Supplier diversity

It's National Grid's goal to provide veteran-, minority-, and women-owned, small, sustainable businesses, as well as all other diverse business enterprises, an equal opportunity to participate in National Grid's procurement and sourcing process.

We understand the multicultural changes and trends in the utility sector and believes in developing a rich, diverse supply chain. Through our pipeline the supplier diversity and sustainability program encourages the inclusion of diverse vendors by providing opportunities in these areas:

  • Certification Assistance
  • Business Development Programs
  • Supplier Mentorship Programs
  • Capital Access Programs

National Grid also partners with SBA programs and other social organizations to provide a higher level of service and assistance to the veteran community.

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